About NotFakeTV

NotFakeTV was created for independent Youtube channel creators, just like the ones you see on our site. Big tech is systematically terminating conservative channels each day. Rendering them voiceless and penniless. When Big tech like Youtube terminates one of their channels they loose they're monetization privileges and all their content is deleted.

Many times sites like Youtube & Patreon will ban conservative channels removing their incomes entirely with out reason. We will not stand for that kind of treatment in the United States of America. Freedom of speech is our right and no platform should be able to silence us. For these reasons alone, we decided to create Notfaketv. Our content creators will never fear being terminated and our monthly recurring plans assure they will always get paid. When you join your money doesn't just support one person, your $10 per month supports 10 to 20 small to medium size Youtube channel creators.

That's 10 - 20 conservative voices that are now have a safety net, and are free to create the content they want without fear or worry, and you know what happens when you take away the fear? 
Their videos get better and better. Please support our Creators,

Join NotFakeTV today.